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When Should I Consider Getting an Allergy Test?

You should be able to enjoy the beautiful weather of spring and summer, but if you’re like so many other adults, allergies ruin all of your fun. Though allergy symptoms are uncomfortable, they can be controlled with the right treatment. Start with an allergy test to uncover the root cause of your allergy symptoms and seek the relief you need. 

Common Causes of Allergies

The spring and fall are infamous for their pollen and ragweed. Many areas of Florida never enter a deep freeze, so pollen lingers in the air most of the year. If you suffer from spring allergies, chances are you’ll experience fall allergies as well. 

Mold and mildew are also common allergy triggers, especially in Florida’s humid weather. Both are fungi that grow spores that spread with the movement of air. You can expect to find mold and mildew in your bathroom and kitchen areas. 

How To Test Your Allergies

Diagnosing your allergies is a fairly easy task. A serum-specific antibody test can be used to test your blood for the specific allergens that cause unwanted reactions. Some panels take an in-depth look at the effects of mold or environmental factors on your system, while others test the full range of triggers. 

This is done using something called a “scratch test.” During a scratch test, your doctor places several small scratches on your arm or upper back. Small amounts of common allergens are placed on the scratched area. Your skin will become irritated, red, and itchy in the area where your specific trigger allergens are located. For example, your upper back might become red and itchy where the pet dander was placed.

How Do Allergy Shots Eliminate Symptoms?

An allergy shot contains a very small amount of the allergen that triggers your allergy symptoms like sneezing, coughing, and congestion. The shot is injected into the skin on your arm as frequently as once every week for the first seven months of your treatment. This is considered immunotherapy because, much like the flu shot or other immunizations, it helps your body develop an immunity to your allergy trigger. 

Once your allergy test helps you uncover the reason for your allergy misery, you can get the treatment needed to alleviate your suffering. If you’re ready to escape your worst allergy symptoms, especially as summer approaches, just call (813) 874-1852 to make an appointment at TLC Medical in Tampa, Florida.