Allergy Testing

If you have allergies, you’re far from alone! Millions of Americans have some type of allergy. Allergies can cause uncomfortable symptoms, but they’re not just a nuisance — allergies can present a risk to your overall health.

Allergy testing is a valuable tool for identifying all types of allergies. Once you know precisely what you’re allergic to, you can create a plan to avoid your allergy triggers. At TLC Medical in Tampa, we provide fast and reliable allergy testing so that you can avoid future allergy attacks.

Common Allergens

Allergens, or substances that trigger allergic reactions, can be found anywhere you go. Individuals are affected differently by allergens — an allergen that triggers a severe reaction in your body may not have any affect on one of your family members, for example.

Allergens can be inhaled (i.e., pollen), ingested (i.e., peanuts), or come into contact with your skin (i.e., poison ivy). Inhaled allergens, which are associated with seasonal allergies, are the most prevalent allergens in the U.S.

What to Expect from Allergy Testing

During an allergy test, you’ll be checked for reactions to all different types of allergens. The test will determine the substances, if any, that trigger an allergic reaction in your body. Medications may be required to manage allergy symptoms, which is why it’s important to see a trusted medical professional for allergy testing. At TLC Medical in Tampa, our caring team is highly experienced in allergy testing for accurate results.

Before your allergy test, you’ll likely be asked to temporarily stop taking certain types of medications, including antihistamines, asthma medications, antidepressants, benzodiazepines, and heartburn medications. These medications could compromise the accuracy of your allergy test results.

Our allergy testing is quick, painless and only takes 15 minutes!

We also offer more comprehensive allergy testing including allergy shots, drops and treatments for those who need specialized allergy treatments.

The Benefits of Allergy Testing

Precise Results

Trying to guess what you’re having an allergic reaction to can prolong your symptoms and even present serious health risks. Allergy testing is a more precise, efficient method of determining the allergens that trigger a reaction in your body.

Start a Treatment Plan

If you are found to be allergic to one or more substances, your doctor can help you begin a treatment plan to avoid allergy symptoms. By efficiently managing your allergies, you can stay healthier and more comfortable.

Steer Clear of Allergy Triggers

When you know the exact substances that you’re allergic to, you can more effectively avoid allergic reactions. An allergic reaction can ruin your day and be a threat to your health, so it’s in your best interest to avoid allergic reactions whenever possible.

To learn more about allergy testing, contact TLC Medical in Tampa today!