Accessible testing is proving to be a crucial component in staying safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With available COVID-19 testing, we can all improve the health and safety of our communities.

Now, TLC Medical is happy to offer rapid COVID-19 testing to offer patients greater convenience and peace of mind. In just 10 minutes, you’ll receive results from our rapid COVID-19 test and can quickly take the appropriate safety measures. Rather than waiting for days to receive your test results, you’ll be able to walk away from our office with your results in hand. 

Rapid Testing for Healthier Communities

Our rapid COVID-19 test is quick and accurate, providing patients with test results far sooner than standard coronavirus tests. The test involves a simple blood draw and tests for COVID-19 antibodies. By testing for antibodies, our rapid COVID-19 test works after the initial exposure to detect a previous infection. 

Your results from our rapid COVID-19 test will direct your doctor toward the best course of care for your needs. With this information, you can stay safer, healthier, and more informed about your current condition. 

Results in 10 Minutes

After completing the blood draw, patients will only need to wait for 10 minutes to receive their results. Rather than waiting for a week or longer, which is often the case at other testing centers, patients will learn their results on the same day as the test. With your results available quickly, you can more easily fit a COVID-19 test into your daily schedule. Additionally, with fast results from our test, you can start receiving the care that you need ASAP. 

Visit Our Offices Today

In these trying times, keeping up with your health is more vital than ever. We’re proud to continue supporting your needs with our accessible rapid COVID-19 test. Our caring doctors are here to ensure that you receive the care that you need throughout the pandemic. 

To receive your rapid COVID-19 test, visit one of our offices today.