Top Benefits of Having a Primary Care Physician

Top Benefits of Having a Primary Care Physician

Did you know that people with a primary care physician tend to live longer than those without? Recent research studies coming out of JAMA Internal Medicine show that patients with a primary care doctor live an average of almost two months longer than those who do not have a general practitioner. Here are some other surprising benefits of having a primary care doctor.

Continuity of care

If you see one doctor for all of your aches, pains, and illnesses, it is less likely that symptoms or conditions will fall through the cracks. Even if you see specialists for certain conditions, your primary care physician will maintain communication with all of your doctors to ensure that everything is handled efficiently and effectively.


It is much more convenient for patients to have one doctor through which they funnel all of their care. For elderly or disabled patients or for patients who just lead very hectic lives or have busy work schedules, being able to call one doctor for all of your needs is a huge time and stress saver.

Early detection of illness or medical conditions

Whether acute or chronic, illness and disease is best caught and treated quickly. As a general rule, early detection is the best chance you have for good health outcomes. By seeing a primary doctor regularly, you can easily keep up on routine lab work and tests that can detect problems early and prevent the need for advanced treatment.

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