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The Dangers of Untreated Hormonal Imbalance

There are over 50 hormones present in the human body, acting as chemical messengers to keep us in a state of homeostasis. These hormones act in complete harmony while traveling to and from organs and tissues, and must maintain a certain balance for everything to operate as intended. Hormones help regulate your metabolism, reproductive system, sleep-wake cycle, and more. When hormones are out of balance, illness is sure to show its face soon.

Hormones Aren’t Just About Menopause

People mistakenly believe that hormone imbalances are only associated with women’s menopause, but hormone imbalances can happen to anyone at any age. Hormone imbalance has been identified as a sign of many diseases and conditions in both men and women. Hormone imbalance and its resulting effects can indicate prostate cancer in men. In women, signs of hormone imbalance can indicate early onset menopause, PCOS, or even ovarian cancer.

Hormones Don’t Exist in a Vacuum

You’ll notice that we don’t reference hormone imbalance as its own disease or condition, but instead as a sign of some other underlying issue. That’s because hormones do not exist in a vacuum, so an imbalance of any hormone is always attributed to some other disease process. It could be something as simple as stress or complicated, like an autoimmune disease. As mentioned above, even some cancers show early signs via hormone imbalance.

Hormone Imbalance Treatment in Tampa Bay

If you are experiencing symptoms that you believe are caused by a hormone imbalance, don’t wait to take action. Identifying and treating hormone imbalance, including resolving any underlying cause, needs to happen fast to avoid further health issues. If you live in Tampa Bay, TLC Medical offers four convenient locations where you can get the hormone testing you need to reclaim optimal functioning. Just contact us at (813) 874-1852 or schedule an appointment online today.