Bright HealthCare Plans Accepted at TLC Medical

It’s no surprise that in 2020, Business Insider voted Bright HealthCare as one of 19 billion-dollar startups poised to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Riding in on a new wave of using technology to change how healthcare is provided, Bright HealthCare promotes a convenient web-based care platform, telehealth, and online resources for policyholders.

Dr. Talakkottur and his team are proud to accept Bright HealthCare insurance plans right here at TLC Medical. Even though Bright HealthCare is relatively new to the health insurance game, we’ve been impressed with their benefit-packed plans and online services, and we’re happy to be working with them. As with any insurance we accept, we file all Bright HealthCare claims for you, so you’re not buried in a mountain of paperwork and medical jargon you don’t understand. Our insurance experts know exactly how to handle your claim and maximize your insurance benefits, saving you money!

If you are a Bright HealthCare policyholder in the Tampa area, please consider TLC Medical for your primary care needs. We also provide aesthetic care and COVID testing for all patients. Call us at (813) 874-1852 to set an appointment convenient to your schedule.