TLC Medical is proud to provide the COVID vaccine to our community. The vaccine is available to patients ages 18 and older, and there is no charge for the vaccine.

The Moderna vaccine will soon be available at our Armenia office. The Moderna vaccine requires a second dose, given roughly one month (28 days) after your initial vaccination. 

After receiving your vaccine, you will be issued a vaccine card as documentation. This card will also be used to schedule and document your second dose.

The Moderna vaccine has been declared safe for use by the CDC. Some patients report mild side effects ranging from injection site pain to muscle cramps and fatigue. Contact your doctor if these symptoms do not improve within 24 to 48 hours.

By getting the COVID vaccine, you’re not only protecting your health; you’re also protecting the community. The surest way to safely reopen the economy and return our lives to normal is through our local residents’ increased immunity.

To arrange your appointment, please fill out the contact form, and we will schedule your appointment. When you receive the first Moderna vaccine, we will schedule the second dose 4 weeks later.

In addition to the COVID vaccine, we will also continue to provide COVID testing. Use the same contact form to schedule your COVID test. We currently offer the rapid COVID-19 antigen test (with results in 15 min), as well as the PCR test (with results in 24- to 48-hours). You do not need to receive a COVID test prior to receiving the vaccine.

TLC Medical’s employees are bilingual, and we are here for everyone in the community. You do not need to be a regular patient of TLC Medical in order to get your vaccine here.  We want to help stop the spread by vaccinating as many people as we can. Act now to secure your place in line!