Why Both Men and Women Need Hormone Replacement Therapy in Middle Age

Why Both Men and Women Need Hormone Replacement Therapy in Middle Age

Hormone deficiency is a serious issue for men and women alike, especially as they approach middle age. 

In fact, studies show that most people produce fewer hormones each year after the age of 30. This means that by the time you celebrate your 50th birthday, your body has endured 20 years of gradually diminished hormone production. It’s no wonder that you have become increasingly moody, fatigued, and restless while combating weight gain, chronic pain, and low libido. 

Fortunately, hormone replacement therapy offers an easy and efficient way to bring your body back into balance and embrace many decades of life to come. 

What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormones like testosterone and estrogen play so many important roles within the body. From regulating sex drive, bone mass, and fat distribution to supporting muscle mass and red blood cell production, these hormones are essential to your overall health and wellness. 

Hormone therapy delivers a regular stream of hormones into your system to overcome your body’s deficiencies. At TLC Medical, we exclusively offer Biomed Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) using small time-release pellets. 

Unlike creams, patches, and injections that require regular attention to continue working, pellet therapy is a “set it and forget it” type of treatment. This grants you the ultimate convenience to balance your hormone levels without even thinking about it each day. 

A pellet is smaller than a grain of rice and contains natural, bioidentical hormones based upon your own unique needs. The pellet is inserted under the skin to consistently release small, physiologic doses of hormones that provide optimal results. Since each pellet is effective for five full months, you can enjoy the benefits of balanced hormones without any daily effort. 

Pellet HRT Therapy Ensures Consistent, Reliable Results

Many forms of hormone therapy are notorious for creating a “roller coaster” effect as one treatment wears off and the next begins. Pellet therapy prevents this frustrating issue by releasing a small, steady stream of hormones into your body. 

When you work with one of the compassionate, experienced practitioners at TLC Medical, you undergo a comprehensive blood work analysis to guarantee that your body receives the specific hormones needed to overcome the unpleasant symptoms you’ve been experiencing. You’ll notice the physical, cognitive, and emotional benefits almost immediately!

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