Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins are a prevalent and entirely treatable cosmetic concern. At TLC Medical in Tampa, we provide non-invasive treatment for patients looking to eliminate spider veins and achieve a clearer complexion. Our skilled staff will develop a spider vein treatment plan so that you achieve your cosmetic goals.

What Are Spider Veins?

When blood accumulates in veins near the surface of the skin, spider veins can form. These damaged veins are small and don’t typically cause physical pain, but patients often want them removed to improve the appearance of their skin. Spider veins can be red, blue, or purple in color and form as branches or lines. They’re most commonly found on the face and legs.

Many factors can cause spider veins. On the legs, spider veins occur when the valves of the veins become damaged. This inhibits blood flow and causes blood to pool in the vein, creating spider veins. In the face, spider veins generally appear when small blood vessels burst. Excess sun exposure or pressure on the face can lead to burst blood vessels.

Spider veins are more common in pregnant women and individuals over the age of 30. Obesity, physical trauma, hormonal changes, and genetic factors can all increase a patient’s probability of developing spider veins.

Spider Vein Treatment at TLC Medical

Multiple non-surgical treatment options are available for spider veins, including:

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment can remove spider veins without the need for incisions. In laser treatment for spider veins, laser energy is applied to the skin at the site of the spider vein. The heat from the laser safely causes the vein to clot. Once it has clotted, the vein will eventually dry out and disappear.

Lasers can be used to safely treat small spider veins on the face or legs. The light will eradicate the spider vein without having any adverse effects on the skin. Especially for small spider veins, laser treatment will cause the veins to disappear right after your treatment session.


In sclerotherapy, a sclerosing solution is injected into the spider vein. This makes the vein start to disintegrate. In time, the spider veins will become less visible and eventually disappear. It typically takes six weeks or less for spider veins to fully fade after sclerotherapy treatment.

The right spider vein treatment for you will depend on the size of your spider veins and your cosmetic goals. Contact TLC Medical in Tampa today to schedule an appointment with our expert team.